Stand Up, Wake Up: Electric Forest VIDS!


Good Evening, Brethren!

This is going to be a post chock full of videos, so I hope your eyeballs are ready for it. Since it’s now nearing the end of the dreaded Monday, I’m sure some of you aren’t quite bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Sooooo, here’s a video so you can listen to the melodic voices of the guys from The String Cheese Incident (who happen to be AMAZING) to hopefully aid you in the winding down process. So sit back, pour a nice glass of wine, and enjoy the videos laid out before you.

Hokayy. This is where I wanted to show off all my electronic booty from Electric Forest aka all the videos I took. Before I get to that though, I’m going to give the names of all the concerts we went to. All of them were grade A awesomeness, so I suggest you take a listen to at least one song from each band. If you want some specific song titles, don’t hesitate to ask – I love spreading the love of music. So yeah, here goes:

Thursday, June 28th: Borgore; Wolfgang Gartner; EOTO; Quixotic; Beats Antique
Friday, June 29th: Morning Teleportation; The Infamous Stringdusters; Virtual Boy; Paper Diamond; Zeds Dead; Datsik; Thievery Corporation; Steve Aoki
Saturday, June 30th: Fruit Bats; Zoogma; Santigold; The String Cheese Incident; TBA – which was a Grizmatic plus Big Gigantic collaboration (so I heard; unfortunately I was a bit too buzzed and too far from the stage to actually know what was going on, but whatever it was it sounded good)
Sunday, July 1st: Elephant Revival; Papadosio; Nobody Beats The Drum; Gramatik; MiMoSA; The String Cheese Incident; Bassnectar; Big Gigantic

Well that’s that. Clearly we had concerts coming out the ying-yang, which is exactly how I like it. Unfortunately, we missed a few big name bands that I wanted to see on Saturday, but life goes on.

Aaaaand now, without further ado, I present to you… the videos from the Foooooorest! Enjoy =) I’ll type up a little something after each video, so peep that if you want an explanation.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the guy who is DJ-ing here. The reason I videoed is mostly because this was the first place we ventured into during our first trip to The Sherwood Forest; I was just really excited. Also, that guy is playing a freaking solar powered stage!!! Beyond awesome. My Vermont side of me swoons at that. The bar itself had a menagerie of gizmos and gadgets, and note that we were perched above ground in a hammock — Electric Forest, oh how I love you.

I don’t really think an explanation is needed here… The Forest + Anything = Awesome. Hence why my voice seems to go up about 12 octaves.

The Forest Stage! I don’t know the name of this guy, either. Failing… I know. Cool though, huh?

Borgore performing at the Ranch Arena on the first day. The song that starts out is “somebody to love”. Killin’ it.

So many people love their glow-in-the-dark LED gadgets. And let’s by real… WHATS NOT TO LOVE?! I think that it is Wolfgang Gartner playing, but don’t quote me on that – so much good music… sometimes it tended to blend together, and there isn’t a long enough music clip for me to pick up on what it is. Woopsie.

Quixotic… quite the experience…

Next up, Beats Antique. I kid you not when I say that this trio is far beyond amazing. To be honest, I had known very little about these guys pre-Forest, and barely knew about the tunes they threw down. But let’s be real, I idolize Zoe (if I could belly dance half as good as her I would be satisfied with life), and the music far surpassed my expectations. If you ever get the chance to see these guys live, DO IT. You won’t regret it.

Again, dropping the Beats Antique. Sarah and I were lucky enough to weasel our way up to front row, bitches — it was fantabulous. For those of you who aren’t regular festival/concert goers … there is sort of a science to working your way up to the front. People can be brutal, too, but don’t let that discourage you. Being the front row is beyond amazing though if the band is good, and totally worth the bumps and bruises you pick up along the way. Especially for Beats Antique; I was beyond happy that we were able to be in the front for the majority of the concert. It’s an art form, folks.

Hahaha, this hodgepodge of individuals absolutely killed me. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the “band”; but I do remember the slogan they ran around saying “[insert band name here]! Saturday at noon!” So yeah, they obviously performed Saturday at noon, but when Sarah and I looked at the program to find them they weren’t listed. Bummer. Regardless, they were a riot to stumble upon, and I’m thankful that whack jobs are still out there instilling laughter in the hearts of many.

Best hopscotch ever in the history of my world. Seriously, though. I thoroughly congratulated the girl who was working on this; it takes an awesome individual to create such a magnificent hopscotch in the dark, in the middle of the forest. What impressed me even more though was the fact that festival go-ers 1) were more than willing (and excited) to partake in the fun and 2) not a single person attempted to destroy it. Now, unfortunately there are some assholes out there who just seek to destroy, but no one in the Forest dared to commit such a heinous crime. I love the forest! Also, my apologies for the bird noises I made throughout this video. The forest brought the inner animal out; I don’t hate it.

Now, for Santigold. During the middle of the concert, the singer brought up an absurd amount of audience members to dance on stage. I must admit, I was a little bit jealous. Who doesn’t like being allowed to dance on stage with a celebrity in front of adoring fans? Not I sir, not I. However, I was not the biggest fan on the heat so I took to the shade and watched in comfort, instead. You win some, you lose some.

Oh, ho ho. This guy is pure gold. I tried to do my best with slyly recording him, hence the random panoramic view of the festie go-ers. In all seriousness though, this man is amazing — and not only does he have a set of wings, but some balls of steel to boot I would say. It takes an unique individual to dress up like that. Now, if only he were rocking glitter….

Last but certainly not least, I leave you with the beyond amazing Bassnectar. Boy, do I have a musical crush on this man. Not only does he kill it musically, but he knows how to read a crowd and completely take us for a while ride. I’ve seen him 6 times now (Bonnaroo 2010, Burlington 4/20/11, Bonnaroo 2011, Camp Bisco 2011, Burlington 4/17/12, Electric Forest 2012), and each time I just love him so much more! Seriously, I don’t think this guy can put on a bad show. If you ever have the chance to see him, do not pass it up. You will then live a life of regret and I will be thoroughly disappointed. Wahwah.

So I’m hoping that your eyes haven’t been burned out or anything from all the videos. I read the other day that every hour of television you watch shortens your life by 22 minutes. Now, for the sake of our generation, I really hope that isn’t true. Granted, I don’t watch that much tv (I have a life, plus reading and music is by far superior), but I still have a good chunk of my life gone if that fact holds any truth. eek.

Over and out, peeps. xo


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