Caaaaarl, Have You Been To The Foooorest Yet?


Title Clarification:
At the forest, Sarah and I were lucky enough to overhear a crucial conversation that made us feel like Electric Forest Veterans, despite the fact we were not. Throughout the festival, people would be constantly shouting “Carl! Carl!”, yet it seems as if Carl didn’t exist. In fact, it was an inside joke only Foresters know, and it has to do with this mystery Carl. I love you guys and all, but I will only tell you the story if you come to the Forest with us next year :p
Also, the multiple O’s is supposed to make it so you read that sentence a certain way. So say it like how it’s spelled; it’s much funnier that way.

And sooo, without further ado, I present to you the Electric Forest Photo Album of 2012. Videos will be uploaded at a later date. wahwahweewah!


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