Summer Is Coming


If any of you watchGame of Thrones, my title is just about the opposite of the Stark’s motto “Winter Is Coming”, but whatever! Summer is almost here my lovelies, aren’t you excited? Can’t you feel it? If you can’t, then if you have allergies like me, you must be feeling it in your sinuses. My nose is on drip mode, it’s gross and I have finally given in and taken some allergy medicine. Boosauce.

On the note of Game of Thrones though, if I haven’t already said it before.. watch it! It’s super good; and the season finale is close approaching. I started reading the first book on my cruise; I’m about 400 pages in (out of 800+) and love it. There’s five out right now and the author plans to have seven in total. Eeee.

The end of school sucked, but I survived… can’t say it was my best semester GPA-wise (got like a 3.4, oh well), but it was the hardest and I learned the most and worked my ass off so I’m calling it a success. Plus, this year was a doosey not including school work. So finishing in and of itself was a job well done. Now… I can say I’m done! Next semester = Europe and then it’s my last semester of undergraduate college and I only have to take 3 credits… hiphiphurray. The hardest part of my 4 years is over.

Holy Pages

After I finished my last final Tuesday (5/8) morning, I booked it home to Rhode Island, unpacked, and then packed right up again for my Caribbean Cruise! Aye aye aye. It was beyond amazing, and so needed. I’ll show you guys some of my favorite pictures and videos, and check out my facebook for all the photos if you so desire. I recommend that all of you go and enjoy a cruise before you die, it was amazing. Food whenever you wanted, 24/7 pools and hot tubs, continuous entertainment, no worries and just about everything you could hope for. They even make your towels into fun animals. It’s another world on that cruise ship, and I was really bummed when I finally had to go home. I returned with some awesome souvenirs, memories and a solid base tan though, so it was a complete success.

Explorer of the Seas

I got back to Rhode Island on Saturday late afternoon, and still have a little more unpacking to do … it’s been torturous! I realized I ownway too much crap and clothes, so I made it my first project of the season to cut back. I’ve been working on little bits at a time, and my closet is at least a bit tidier. Big Sister will be receiving a sizable donation of clothing, that’s for sure. It feels nice though; I think I may have slight OCD and crave organization, sooo yeah. I’m thinking about organizing my entire bedroom actually, but my beds too big to really move much around. We shall see.

Anyway, I haven’t been doing anything monumental since I returned. Granted, it has only been like five days. I don’t really know when I start work, at least not until the 28th, and my internship doesn’t start until June, so I’ve been slightly lamp status. For the past three days though I’ve been going hard at the gym, and I can confidently say that about 75% of my body is utterly sore right now. It’s terrible, but in a nice way. Except for the fact that it’s painful to put a shirt on. My way of thinking though is that since I already have the nice beach tan, I might as well work on the purrfect beach body. I feel like I ate about double my weight on the Explorer of the Seas, so I need to sweat my brains out to get to my ideal summer fitness. If I keep going on this pace though, it shouldn’t be hard. Max is way more intense with the gym than I am, and he has this powder supplement stuff called Jack3d. It apparently quickens your blood flow and gets you all amped up, but I can’t say I really felt the effects. It appears that my body has a higher tolerance to that kind of stuff, haha. I must say though it definitely didn’t hurt; I was at the gym for over two hours and wasn’t tired at all. Wooop.

Besides working out and hanging around I haven’t been up to much. I did however formulate a goal for the summer: try every flavor ice cream at Hilltop Creamery. I have like over 40 left… but I mean, I’ve only had 5 so far: Salty Caramel Chocolate Pretzel, Coffee Oreo, Graham Central Station, Coconut Cheesecake Brownie, and Cappuccino Chip. Nomnomnom. Stay tuned for the new ones I try, and the overall champion of the summer. Thank goodness I actually do active things or obesity may become an issue with this goal, especially because I’m almost 21!!! And alcohol isn’t exactly a low-calorie diet either. Rawr.

Speaking of, since the cruise was my 21st birthday present from my grandparents, I got to drink in style. It was awesome. Way better than the college drinking I’ve experienced, better by like 1000%. I realized I like beer now, and Acai Berry Martini’s are my jam. It was funny; my grandpa made my water my martini’s down and scolded me for “chugging my drinks”. Sorry I’m a college student and am used to complete shit where the only way to stomach it is to get it down as quickly as possible. Minimal burnage. No more though! I now have a more sophisticated drinking palette… sucks for those who have to buy me drinks 😛

Let’s see what else I’ve done since my return from the seas…
Oh! I had a dinner with the Pants Girls — In high school, three of my friends and I mimicked The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; we joined up with a pair of pants and switched off and did some other cult-like things. It was fun.. but we kind of all suck at keeping in constant communication (one moved away to North Carolina, and we all go to different schools). So, since Molly is in town for part of the summer, we decided to do it. It turns out that I apparently am in possession of the pants… which is unfortunate because if so, they are long gone. Haha, oh well. They were always too big for my anyway. They were pretty cool though; hopefully I come across them in my closet purging and can snap a picture. Besides that, my time has been split up between home and the boyfriends house; some much needed relaxation has been taking place. As soon as I decide to start using my brain again I’ll do some intriguing posts. Wahwahweewah.

For now though, I’ll post a few pictures from the trip and call it a night. Happy almost summer!! ❤ Stay tuned for some videos and more pictures.


Hullo, Giant

Bermuda, Bahama, C’mon Pretty Mama…

Can you beat this?

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