Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…


Hi Guys!
I am mighty chipper this evening, just saying. First of all, its a pretty beautiful night and my house is clean (woo!). Secondly, I spend the last two days studying/taking an exam for my “Cultural History of London” class; I logged 17 hours in the library studying, and I killed it. Meow. I still have another exam to take and a paper to finish, but they’re both due on Tuesday so I gave myself the night off. Since then I have been lamping hard, and I plan to continue the lard status for the duration of the night. Plus, gotta rest up for Cinco de Mayo aye aye aye!

Anyway, I asked people for some book recommendations and got some good ones, so to further my good mood I went to Barnes & Noble (aka heaven) and picked up:
A Game Of Thrones : if you don’t watch the series DO IT! It’s fantastic, but as a forewarning it’s full of violence and sex and lots of R rated things. But amazing, nonetheless. Frankly, I’m embarrassed that I haven’t read the books first, but alas… being an English major I had no time for leisurely reading. Balls.
Water for Elephants : just finished watching the movie, and I was hooked. Who know Robert Pattinson could not be a terrible actor like he is in Twilight? I sure didn’t. Granted he’s no Leo or anything, but he didn’t destroy the movie.
…. and finally, I picked up my first European Tour Guide book! It’s written by a bunch of Harvard undergraduates and they’re funny and witty and I’m already hooked. Plus, it’s geared towards students who are traveling/studying abroad which I will be in a little under four months!! Gah. I am beyond excited, so to get myself even more amp-ed up I dove in and bought it, so I thought I would start sharing my findings with you guys. I most likely will not be able to go to half the places I want, so please feel free to give your input! Lord knows I’ll need it.

Before I start talking about Austria (the book is in alphabetical order so first things first) I wanted to play catch up with you guys. I haven’t blogged in eek – too long, so I wanted to do a little re-cap for yah.

March 30th : I saw Obama! And Grace Potter and the Nocturnals! We didn’t chat or anything, and I got in an argument with some witchy lady who yelled at me for dancing to Grace Potter. It didn’t help that I told her to shove off after her snarky comment, but I mean come on, lady. First off, Obama is at my school, not yours. So I have precedence, back off.
Anyway, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals were fantastic as always. Obama on the other hand… eh. I don’t know. My old roommate apparently thought it was the greatest thing in the world and life changing, but I thought it was a bunch of hogwash. I mean, he gets points for actually coming to Vermont (the last presidential visit was 17 years ago) but the speech was malarkey. He barely spoke for like 45 minutes, and all he did was thank us and yada-yada-yada. He didn’t even give us his standings on like, anything. Nor did he talk about the upcoming election. He pretty much went there, got some pictures taken, thanked us for our time, non-directly asked us to vote for him and peaced out to Maine. Gee, thanks Obama. I’m not into politics (clearly), so I was kind of hoping to walk out of there with some new knowledge. Nope, thank you, come again. Lamesauce. Whatever though; I mean, how many college Juniors can say they saw the president and got within like 60 feet of him? I can! So that counts for something. I actually just realized that I haven’t uploaded videos from that day, so I will be doing that tonight and letting you guys witness the magic (or lack there of). Wah wah wah…

March 30th/31st : So directly after I finished witnessing the splendor of Grace Potter and Obama, and high-tailed it home and within 30 minutes was on the road to Connecticut. Woo! It was the UVM Dressage Team’s last show of the season (sad) at UCONN. I personally sucked at the show; I was an individual rider and got stuck with the Post Team and they gave me the crap horse, but I’ve kind of accepted that at this point I will not be bringing in the blue at these shows. The highest I’ve gotten to far is red. Boo. However, some of my teammates cleaned it up! And as an extra bonus, Bonnie, our coach, won coach of the year! It was well-deserved; I mean how many coaches get their jaw fractured and keep on teaching? Ours does! She’s a fantastic wom and deserved that, and much more… whichhhhh she also got! She ended up winning coach of the year at Nationals, which is the big one. So yeah, Bonnie rocks. End of story.

The rest of the week was uneventful… and then came Easter. It’s too personal to talk about here, plus I doubt you guys want to be told about my personal life, but Easter brought some earth shattering things. None of which were good. I can’t even brush it off and pretend it’s okay now, because it’s not. I don’t even know where the situation stands really, but I mean, what can you do? The only choice we have is to pick ourselves up and keeping going, no other choice really. Life goes on though, right? Right.

So after the hell that ensued over Easter weekend, I asked my boyfriend to come up to Vermont with me and keep me from doing anything drastic, plus I really needed the company. Being the nice boy he is, he came up and stayed for two weeks. It happened to be beautiful during some of those days, so I spent my time in the sunshine and doing a lot less work than I should have been doing. Meh, it happens, and I got in all under control by this point work-load wise so it was well worth it.

April 17th : The much anticipated Bassnectar !!! It was amazing. I didn’t take any videos or pictures sadly, but take my word for it. Super awesome amazing epic times ensued. I loved every minute of it. He never disappoints… and for that I love him. Here’s a picture from his website… basically Burlington rocks.


April 21st : The sorta infamous UVM Spring Fest! This year Soulive and Dillon Francis performed, and it wasn’t too shabby. It’s amazing how rowdy UVM gets, it was raining the entire day and we still had an amazing turn out. I only made it for about half of each artist though, not gonna lie. It was cold…

And I think that just about catches ya’ll up! It hasn’t been super fantastic, school has unfortunately taken over my life, but I’m so close to the finish line for this year I can practically taste it. Anyway, I know I said I was going to talk about Austria and post some pictures, but I got distracted. The Gehlmeyer family turned up and champagne entered the picture and I got distracted. Now, I’ve officially crashed and it’s time to call it a night. The studying caught up to me finally. Night lovelies. Enjoy the rest of the Friday night (although it’s not really Friday anymore I want to use the joke… May the Fourth be with you! hahah I’m a riot, I know).


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I'm Azure; a healthy dose of eccentricity best taken with a grain of salt. I am often described as sassy. I have a fondness for words and those who can twist them in their mouth to create something exquisite. I read a lot, delight in live music, have a mild obsession with honey bees, and am baller at boggle. I believe that being normal is boring and love bright colors. Oftentimes, I prefer the company of animals to people; particularly dogs and horses, but have recently joined team cat. I love to travel and learn. I want to be able to experience our world, as well as help it. Oh, and unicorns exist.

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