I Found A Body To Call My Own


Herro, again.
I should be doing homework right now, (yes, at 10:45 on a Saturday morning) considering I slacked a bit this week in the homework department with my boyfriend being up to visit. So I should be productive right now since I work today at 1:00, butttt I prefer to do this. So this is what I’m going to do.

Let’s talk art.
Last night I went downtown to grab some food, and the BCA Center was bustlin’! This was exceptionally strange because their hours until April are only until 5pm, and I was downtown at 7pm. I asked some people who were walking out what was going on, and it turns out it was a big night for Casey Reas‘ “Process”. Obviously, I went in to check it out (plus there was free food, who can argue with that?!) and it was actually pretty cool. Here’s a little blurb about him written on the pamphlet I snagged:

Using computer software algorithms, California-based artist Casey Reas creates printed and interactive works that are complex and yet shockingly organic and beautiful. Reas is the co-creator of the Processing computer code, a language specifically designed for visual artists, which has become an international standard in the art world. Currently a professor at UCLA, Reas will be in The BCA Center for three days and will lead public workshops in algorithmic art.

Well, it turns out that last night when I went, there was a sort of farewell to Casey Reas (March 21-23 were the dates he was in Burlington – I’m kind of bummed I missed out on the workshops) and the man of the hour was there. While I was stuffing my face with food he was talking next to me to some guy about the algorithms and computer mambo-jumbo that was way over my head, so I couldn’t chime in. Sad.
Anyway, here’s some pictures of his exhibit. It’s pretty awesome, and wildly impressive that these are created through algorithms, math behind art, huzzah! I also recommend you Burlington dwellers to check out the exhibit, it’s always better in person and it runs until April 28th. Plus it is free to the public, so why the hell not?

So there you have it. Pretty cool, huh?
Ok, let’s move on to la musique. First some local stuff:

There’s a Vermont band, called Vermont Joy Parade, and they’re coming to Burlington! Actually, more than that, BCA (once again) is going to host their sophomore album release! The album, dubbed New Anthem, and it’s party will be at the BCA Center at 8pm on Saturday, March 31, and tickets are only $6. Quite a nice price for all the awesome that will be happening (with Mighty Tiny, Anna Pardenik & Her Apologies, & Grace O’Malley and Her 3-Masted Galley).
Hopefully, I will be able to attend this event. However, it’s our Dressage Team’s last horse show of the season, so I will be down in Connecticut for the UCONN show for the majority of the day. If I happen to be lucky enough to get back in time – which is pretty unlikely – I will be there, but it’s not looking good. Que triste.

Anyway, here’s a synopsis of their new album, and a little groove to jam to. These guys are pretty good; they went to Bonnaroo, which you all know I am a gigantic fan of.

New Anthem explores the evolution of joy in fifteen songs orchestrated with accordion, banjo, cornet, euphonium, pump organ, and everything in between.

They’re funky and I dig it.

One more thing before I have to head out for work.
UVM Night Out at Higher Ground. Woo! UVM Program Board is stepping up their game and actually hosting a night at Higher Ground, can anyone say free concert? So there. The event is Tuesday, March 27 at 8:00 PM. It’s a first come first serve basis, so I would probably say get there early. I’m bringing a book to read while I wait; killing two birds with one stone, mmhm.

The band playing is The Tan Vampires. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of them before. Which makes it all the more exciting, I love doing music research.

I’m already hooked with this video. Also, let’s talk about how amazing the singers voice is here. He has the kind of voice I absolutely adore. And the lyrics? I love words, so lyrics are key when I’m listening to music (I mean, duh shouldn’t lyrics be a key component?) and these are pretty beautiful. Click on the link I attached to the band name and check these guys out, and maybe I’ll see you on Tuesday!

Well, I’m off to the barn to get covered in mud most likely. Yummy. Stay Beautiful.



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Bonjour, I'm Azure; a healthy dose of eccentricity best taken with a grain of salt. Most people describe me as sassy, and I like that. I love words, and think that anyone who can twist them in their mouth and make something beautiful come out is sexy and someone with whom I want to spend my time. I read a lot (bordering on too much), and am baller at boggle. I happen to be addicted to concerts/live music, and will listen to anything that can carry a beat, and even those that don't. I believe that being normal is boring, and love bright colors. I have a soft spot for animals, particularly dogs and horses, but I am beginning to be a cat person as well. Sometimes, I will admit that I like some animals better than some people - they're great listeners and don't judge. J'adore voyager. Someday I want to be able to look at a map of the world and say "I have been there, there, and there... and there", and have a memory attached to them all. I've recently begun to work at an organic juice bar, and diet/holistic health is starting to become a main passion of mine. I want to be able to experience our world, as well as help save it. Oh, and unicorns exist.

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