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Shpongle My… What?


So there is this musical group called Shpongle… consisting of the core members Simon Posford and Raja Ram, and their home base is the United Kingdom. They started this masterpiece in 1996 and are still going strong today. I read the following description of the band and realized I couldn’t say it better myself, so here it is:

Dongle and Mongle are the only two other words rhyming with Shpongle…a strange hybrid of electronic manipulation and shamanic midgets with frozen digits squeezing the envelope and crawling through the doors of perception, find a new pair of dice…extra numbers and colours an infinite expanding bubble, filled with a bizzare, strange world of dripping halucinatory wallpaper, a garden of earthly delights…Outer Shpongolia…a place of well being, and reflective surfaces, morphing like an Anacondas skin and shimmering like a million colour changing squid, at fifty fathoms. . truly unfathomable like separating water from it’s wetness, the Ineffable Mysteries unweave …

Yes, I understand that this sounds insane, and in reality, it is insane! I had never heard of Shpongle until a few years ago, and my first time seeing them live was Bonnaroo 2011 which was The Shpongletron, an insane experience that I recommend everyone partakes in. That same summer I was lucky enough to see them again at Camp Bisco 2011, but this time it was Shpongle Live, and equally bizarre yet mesmerizing endeavor (the fact that there was a CRAZY thunderstorm rolling over our heads in the middle of nowhere New York just added to the magic).

The sound of Shpongle is a mixture of eastern ethnic samples and western contemporary psychedelic synth music. Posford does the synth and studio nonsense and Ram adds in with the flute. The music is only half of the experience though, and both are responsible for the intense visuals. Seriously, it is indescribable. As far as my research tells me, Shpongle has six albums released, which are as follows:

  1. Are You Shpongled? (1999)
  2. Tales of the Inexpressible (2001)
  3. Shpongle Remixed (2003)
  4. Nothing Lasts… But Nothing Is Lost (2005)
  5. Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland (2009)
  6. The God Particle (2011)

I strongly encourage everyone to at least watch the videos (which are posted in the music category under videos – one of the shpongletron and one of the live performance), their music is pretty awesome, and they’re weird and unique, which is right up my alley!

I took an amazing video of the Shpongletron at Bonnaroo, but last semester (during finals week, of course) my computer decided to doom me and crashed, and the video is out there lost in cyber space =(^2. I did however recover one of the photos I took there, so I’ll share. It’s not very good, but you can at least see the tron.

Behold the Shpongletron

Concert Alert ::
I am addicted to concerts, and living in the Burlington area during the school year and the Providence area the rest of the time, I am lucky enough to have a constant influx of amazing concerts where I can get my fix. Under the music category, there is aconcerts section, which I recommend everybody to check out. Now, usually it will be concerts that I plan on attending, or wish I could be attending, or have already gone to, but that is not to say I want to limit myself. If anyone has any concert info or wants to share, let me know, I love spreading the love of music around.

That being said, Shpongle is coming to Burlington!! The date is May 3rd, 2012 (show at 8:30) and it is via their Masquerade Tour, and they will be playing their DJ Set. Tickets are only $22, and it’s going to be playing at Higher Ground. Come join the experience people!!

Let’s Talk Beef…


So I was a vegetarian for four years, which surprises me sometimes.
It wasn’t horrible, but it was kind of a bummer only being able to consider uhm, about 7% of every menu – this excludes veggie friendly restaurants, but let’s be real, I don’t like weird cow food. After I converted back to the land of omnivores, I realized that I am so much healthier now because I am consuming flesh (yes, it sounds vulgar, but come on, its the truth. The first step is admittance).

Anyway, now that I am blessed with living off-campus (yay, house!), I am starting to cook more and more. However, I am horrendous, and am in dire need of some help. I love to ogle over the delicacies on foodgawker, but let’s be real: I am a broke college student with a very limited amount of supplies. That then lead me to perusing supercook, but even then I still manage to struggle. I honestly think cooking appliances may have minds of their own, and decide to rebel against me whenever I want to cook something. No matter; this is why I would adore some public input. Anyone feel free to chime in, even if you are not a broke college student with some simple recipes to share, anything is welcome!

I do however want to only focus on a specific food item every week (or so, whatever tickles my fancy). This way it will be way more realistic; I can go to the grocery store, buy the specific supplies and cook up whatever sounds most appetizing. Feel free to add other ingredients to the main food item, and all ethnic food groups are welcome with open mouths.  I’ll share the results here, but I cannot promise they will be pretty… remember, I am cooking challenged. So, this week let’s talk beef. Pan fry it? Grill it? Bake it? Whatever! Cook on lovelies.

Oh yeah, and here are some of the sites I’ve been scoping out to better my beef cooking knowledge. If you know of any better ones don’t hesitate to share.


Kisses for cows for letting us eat them* (thanks Devyn) - although it is not voluntary.



Hey Lovelies!

So, here is my blog. It’s still in it’s infant stages, but I’m determined to keep up with it. Huzzah! This is going to be a culmination of things, basically my life via the web. That means music, travel, factoids, fun, food and the various knowledge I acquire and think is worth sharing is going to find it’s way here frequently. I’m also going to use this as a writing outlet, so there are going to be random stories and the like popping up as well. Forewarning: they can get weird, after all, I am me. It will make you laugh or intrigue you most of the time (j’espère) , but I’m not promising there won’t be any downers too… after all, our world isn’t exactly perfect. Also, french is also going to appear here fairly regularly, as a forewarning.

So… enjoy!

~ Azure

Nothing lasts… but nothing is lost